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Ethics Case Study Contest

As Ethical Values Club, we have prepared a ‘’Case Study’’ for the students. We had three cases and every case had a question at the end for the students to answer. Now we are doing the same for the faculty members and other employees. Teachers, the administration and other employees of Robert College will compete this time. There are three cases, that each ends up with a question, which needs an ethical solution.You can choose any case you like. However, you can only submit one entry for each case. Please, write/print your solutions on an A4 paper, with this form on the top attached to your solution. The solutions will be collected until 3rd of May. Then, the solutions will be evaluated by the club members. The winners will be announced during the conference arranged by Ethical Values Club on 11th of May. We are looking forward for your contribution.

Special thanks to Mr.Merchant and Mrs. Erdur for their support to this competition.

You can either take a contest form from Lise Office or download and print it from our web site. Contest Form [doc]

When you are writing your solution remind yourselves of the values that we selected for you. Values to be considered [doc]




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