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About the Club

Laws can only regulate the certain behavior of individuals in their relationships with other individuals, institutions, society and the environment. In order to prevent unfavorable behaviors that are not regulated by the laws from deprivation of human rights, the behavior of humans should be appropriate to ethical rules. For this reason ethical rules are the basis of the conformity in the society and guarantee of the rights and freedom of the members of the society. Therefore, individuals should be educated and taught about the principles of the ethics. Ethical Values Club depends on this vital need and defends the fact that ethical principles can’t be forgotten.

Ethical Values Club was founded in 2003 with the help of Ethical Values Center of Turkey. The club was founded as the first ethics club at high school level in Robert College , which brings up the future’s scientists, artists, businessmen/women, aiming to emphasize the ethical conceptions and make them a part of our school and daily life. Our aim is to make the students and the teachers ask themselves the question “ What is ethics?”.






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